Initial Consultation

Contact me using the button below or email me at so that we can arrange a phone call to discuss what you're looking for.

Stage One: Concept

  • I will visit the garden (or area of the garden) that needs attention and discuss with you in more detail the changes you would like to see.
  • I will measure and analyse the space, or, if a topographical survey is required, I can assist in arranging this.
  • Based on our initial conversations and my interpretation of the space, I will present a selection of sketches and visual boards for discussion before we go ahead with a final design.
  • Stage Two: Design

  • Once we're happy with the overall design, I'll create the final masterplan, as well as any additional drawings that may be required.
  • I'll also present a planting plan for the garden and begin the sourcing process.
  • With everything prepared, I will help you to find a contractor for any landscaping work required.
  • Stage Three: Build

  • Once the build begins, I can liaise with contractors and be on site as often as required as a Project Manager.
  • After the garden has been built, I will plant up the garden according to the plan.
  • Finally, I will provide maintenance instructions and be available for ongoing advice.

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